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Fleming, Williamina Paton Stevens

Posted by ambrusa - 2007. október 20.

Kéri Katalin: Fleming, Williamina Paton Stevens Szerző: Kéri Katalin
Cím: Fleming, Williamina Paton Stevens
Megjelenés: In: Hockey, Thomas – Trimble, Virginia – Williams, Thomas R. – Bracher, Katherine – Jarrell, Richard A. – Marché II, Jordan D. – Ragep, F. Jamil – Palmeri, JoAnn – Bolt, Marvin (eds.): Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers. Springer Science – Business Media, LLC. 233 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013, USA, 2007, p. 375.
Licenc: © Kéri Katalin (auth.) & Endre Zsoldos (transl.) 2007 | Hungary 2.5 [CC BY-NC-ND 2.5]
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Description (Book): The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers is a unique and valuable resource for historians and astronomers alike. The two volumes include approximately 1550 biographical sketches on astronomers from antiquity to modern times. It is the collective work of about 400 authors edited by an editorial board of 9 historians and astronomers, and provides additional details on the nature of an entry and some summary statistics on the content of entries. This new reference provides biographical information on astronomers and cosmologists by utilizing contemporary historical scholarship. Individual entries vary from 100 to 1500 words, including the likes of the superluminaries such as Newton and Einstein, as well as lesser-known astronomers like Galileo’s acolyte, Mario Guiducci. A comprehensive contributor index helps researchers to identify the authors of important scientific topics and treatises.

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